Winston does really well in isolating the squishier heroes from the other group. He is countered by characters who outdamage him and will endure his Tesla Cannon. Reaper and Roadhog are probably the greatest selections.To rise faster at overwatch use overwatch skill rating boosting.


Strong Against

Ana, Genji, Hanzo, Lucio, McCree, Mercy, Sombra, Symmetra, Tracer, Widowmaker

Weak Against

Bastion, D.Va, Reaper, Roadhog, Torbjorn

Winston results in mayhem inside the again lines

Winston literally leaps in the midst of the combat and helps to create a bubble of basic safety with Barrier Projector. He doesn’t have sufficient harm to eliminate tanks, but may harass them and potentially get rid of numerous squishy heroes simultaneously because Tesla Cannon damages all of the adversaries within its cone-designed region of impact.

Preferably, the ideal DPS figures within the team should emphasis and destroy him as soon as he lands. Bounce Load has a cooldown of 6 mere seconds, which means you have this timeframe to manage him before he will be able to get away from. Sychronisation is required, normally Winston will bully your supports and escape unpunished. Dismissing your facilitates will result in flames within the staff and cause a higher number of DPS characters.

Characters countered by Winston


It is really an fascinating matchup because even though Winston can take part Ana and in the end get rid of her at close variety, she has the opportunity to Rest Dart him (particularly helpful during Primal Rage), not including him through the staff combat for a couple seconds, or even eradicating him by using the team.

Note: as much as Platinum, most gamers have a tendency to invasion the unconscious focus on without respect in the situation, so Winston (or another hero) are frequently able to get away from or get rid of the inadequate Ana.


Characters including Genji, Tracer, and Sombra are countered by Winston mainly because they can’t eliminate the works with reliably if you will discover a Winston safeguarding them.

Shield Projector is a good defensive capacity when you can find hardly any enemies paying attention it, and Winston’s AoE harm is ideal to cope with mobile heroes as they won’t have the ability to battle securely in their collection.

Squishy characters

Several very low HP characters have zero odds to thrive 1vs1 against Winston as he can run after these with his freedom, container a great deal of problems because of his buffer and armor, and package regular harm with time with Tesla Cannon.

Beside Ana, in this particular listing I actually have suggested two far more works with: Lucio and Mercy.

  • Mercy has truly no probabilities to survive unless she has the capacity to rapidly take flight off to her teammates and look for defense. That’s another story.

Zenyatta will not be with this list because of his orbs. He heals the teammates attacked by Winston with Orb of Balance (it is not enough to keep them total Hewlett packard) and boosts their harm with Orb of Discord. He increases the chances of the team to fight him.

All of these supports call for a a number of amount of safety, but also in bar video games coordination is not by far the most widespread ability. Every one of these works with need a specific degree of protection from Widowmaker

Winston can just jump up on Widowmaker and get rid of her quickly with Tesla Cannon. The identical can be said for Hanzo, and then he doesn’t also have a dependable get away capacity.

Widowmaker offers Grappling Connect as a transfer tool, and skilled players will have a number of get away ways at their removal. The cooldown on this ability is all about twice as long as Winston’s Bounce Pack, so he is able to just run after Widowmaker, set her in a condition of perpetual protection, and finally eliminate her.

The Winston against Mei matchup

Mei is not really detailed on the list of surfaces because she should never be capable of kill Winston inside a duel – even during the most severe conceivable situation, he could just bounce out to security. This is a fair matchup because each of them have a means to limit the activities of the opponent.

  • She will restrict his actions, help save her staff from ganks, and force him to disengage.
  • Winston has Shield Projector to deal with Mei’s primary flame: It isn’t a flawless tool, and its success depends on the skill of the user.

Characters who counter-top WinstonBastion and Reaper

They just have plenty of harm to dissolve him swiftly. Reaper must fight him with a shut extended distance and steer clear of the harm prohibit of the buffer, while Bastion in Sentry method can just auto-invasion and damage every thing.

Being a Winston, stay away from Reaper without exception, make use of your flexibility to flee from him and your buffer to block his harm.


Winston’s Barrier Projector is actually beneficial versus Torbjorn’s Turret, obstructing its attacks for quite a while.

Molten Central is definitely the real deal versus tanks as the magma bargains constant AoE harm and extra problems for armour. Which counters Winston because his attack range is limited.

Several athletes undervalue the injury of Torbjorn’s Rivet Firearm. In shotgun mode (second fire) it quickly shreds an challenger at shut range.Roadhog

Roadhog’s skillset completely counter tops Winston:

  • As a result of Have a Rest, Roadhog is basically immortal within a 1vs1 confrontation from the monkey.
  • Scrap Firearm inflicts plenty of damage at close collection, and Winston’s assault range is restricted.
  • Sequence Hook is useful to capture Winston if he leaps in your teammates or attempts to get away coming from a harmful circumstance.
  • In extremis, Entire Hog may be used to counter-top Winston’s Primal Rage because will constantly knock him back.

Shield Matrix doesn’t block Tesla Cannon, but that’s Winston’s only edge against D.Va.

Shield Matrix doesn’t obstruct Tesla Cannon Inside the mech, she is able to tank his assaults without issues while outdamaging him with Fusion Cannons and Micro Missiles. The cooldown of Boosters is pretty much the same of Jump Pack, so D.Va is able to follow him anywhere. The tale is different for mechless D.Va as she actually is very squishy and won’t endure a detailed variety combat him.

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